Spring League Starts March 18, 2024

Monday Nights 5:00 – 7:00

Winter League Runs 6 Weeks

March 18, 2024 – April 22, 2024

Make up times available

League Rules


For adults 18 and over, a center fire handgun .32 caliber or higher and two magazines with a minimum capacity of 6 rounds must be used. Minors 14-17 may use a rimfire handgun. Sights will be Iron Sights and/or Non-magnified handgun optics (Red Dot). Shoot management reserves the right to approve/deny any firearm. Rental guns are available for a fee if participant does not own a firearm.


Participants will need to make sure to use the correct ammunition for their gun. 50 rounds total (one box) will be required per week.


Targets will be provided by Sound of Freedom and can change throughout the competition. Bullet holes touching any part of the ring will be counted at the higher point value. Benefit of doubt will go to the shooter. Total possible point value will be 450 points.

Course of Fire

STRING 1: Two handed, 12 rounds, 1 mandatory reload, @ 30 feet (10 yards). Start with two magazines with 6 rounds in each. Time limit is 30 Seconds. 12 rounds total.

STRING 2: One – Reload Two. Two handed @ 30 feet (10 yards). Start with two magazines – one with 1 round, the second with 2 rounds. With the one round magazine loaded, shooter will fire one round, reload the other magazine and fire the other two rounds. Time limit is 6 seconds. This will be completed twice. 6 rounds total.

STRING 3: Strong to Weak transition. With 2 magazines loaded with 3 rounds each. Target @ 10 feet (3 yards). Starting strong hand only. Shooter will fire 3 rounds with strong hand, reload the magazine, transition gun to weak hand and fire 3 more rounds, Time limit is 30 seconds. 6 rounds total.

STRING 4: Two handed, 12 rounds, 1 mandatory reload, @ 21 feet (7 yards), low light. Start with two magazines with 6 rounds in each. Time limit is 30 Seconds. 12 rounds total.

STRING 5: Mystery String. 6 Rounds total. Each week a new string will be added to the shoot.

STRING 6: Hostage. Two handed, 6 rounds @ 45 feet (15 yards), 30 seconds. Hits on the ‘bad guy’ are worth 5 points. Hits on the ‘good guy’ are -5 points. 6 rounds Total.

BONUS String: 2 shots taken at 21 feet (7 yards) in 30 seconds. Shooters can choose to shoot one or both shots at either of 2 circles placed on either side of the target. The smaller circle will be worth 10 bonus points per hit, the larger circle will be worth 5 bonus points per hit. To count as a hit, the entire grease ring of the bullet hole must be inside the circle. These will be ‘extra credit’ shots as the maximum score will still be 450. Bonus points will not count towards a top gun award. 2 rounds total.


The cost of the league will be $69.99 plus tax for Non-Members. This includes range fees for the league, targets, and prizes. Existing Sound of Freedom USA Members will pay $59.99 plus tax. This does NOT include the price of ammunition.


Prizes will be awarded after the completion 6th week to the top overall score. Additionally, the high overall individual will have his/her name on a plaque displayed in the Showroom.


Make up shoot times will be Thursdays at 6:00 PM and Sundays at 4:00 PM. It is up to each participant to attend the shoot or a make-up session. Participants must shoot their make up session during the same week as the scheduled league week. A league week is defined Monday to Sunday. Participants may ‘shoot ahead’ if they are planning on being gone during a shoot night. Please contact shoot management for information on shooting ahead. Stop into the store to sign up.

To REGISTER, please stop in the store or call us at 417-485-4867

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